Rich Schefren’s Business Acceleration Program

“The Greatest Marketer Of Our Generation Wants To Share His Secrets With You Today!”

rich_schefrenHe’s Outgrown The Most Prestigious Consultancy Firm On The Planet…

He’s Revolutionized The Face Of Online Marketing With The Most Talked About Free Reports  Ever…

He’s Persuaded The Biggest-Hitting Marketers In History To Sell His Products…

Now Rich Schefren Brings You The Same Strategies That Have Helped His Clients Attract Millions Of Leads And New Customers, Generating Them Well Over $500 Million In Sales.

Every now and then you’re presented with a rare opportunity to experience something like never before that will blow your mind and skyrocket our businesses. But so often you feel reluctant to take hold of such an offer because you’ve been burned in the past by similar promises.

Trying to find a business mentor is of paramount importance, but is often an arduous and uphill process. So often, you find the most successful entrepreneurs that are shaking things in the business world simply cannot teach others to replicate their success. At the other end of the spectrum, you find those people that have a natural flair and ability for teaching but are only teaching because they didn’t succeed in business.
It doesn’t have to be this way.


Discover A Teacher That Makes Mr Myagi Look Like An Amateur

You’re invited to experience the life changing combination of a revolutionary entrepreneur with a teaching style that makes Mr. Miyagi (you’ve all seen Karate Kid right?) look like an amateur.

If you’re unaware of the seamlessly effortless feats that Rich Schefren has achieved throughout his career I think it’s best I filled you in. You’ll shortly see why he’s become the “Guru’s Guru”, mentoring some of the most cutting-edge marketers on the planet. To say he’s the real deal would be an understatement.

Just A Few Of Rich’s Career Highlights:

• Rich turned his ailing family business into a hot eclectic clothing boutique – loved by floods of celebrities – in the process growing revenue from $1.5m to over $6.5 million in revenue in just three years.

• Rich’s invested $7.500 to create a hypnosis center, which he expanded to multiple locations and generated over $7 million in four years.

• Rich’s first ever product launch online did $287,000 in a week (mediocre by his current standards)

• In his first two years online he amassed a personal fortune of $4million – attracting online marketing juggernauts into joint ventures and even getting them to sell his products for them.

• TODAY: He goes by the name of the “Guru’s Guru”” with the best marketers of our generation find themselves clambering over each other to sell his products (including the likes of Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham)
And that’s just to scratching the surface…

Clearly Rich knows his stuff and the best part is he’s willing to share with you the same secrets he’s used to catapult pretty much every business he’s been involved with to new heights. You’re business could experience dramatic results if you were to apply 1% of what Rich teaches. But now imagine what absorbing and applying 99% of the Rich Schefren business brain could do for you, not to mention your life. That’s what’s at stake here as Rich is divulging his very own business bible.

Grab Your Copy Now

Introducing The Business Acceleration Program


Here’s What’s Included…

• 20 extravagantly produced video DVDs featuring ten of America’s most legendary business builders – with sessions painstakingly designed to give you the ability to work less and produce more. You’ll discover how to make work faster, easier and fun again and free up more time for family and friends whilst at the same time becoming the number 1 thought leader in your market.

• 28 audio CDs,1,000 printed pages packed with profit-exploding secrets, free productivity software.

• Six weeks of Mavenship Mentoring with Rich and his team of hand-picked experts!

• A special invite to Rich’s Social Media Magic webinars.

• Rich’s Strengths Mastery Videos (possibly the most important 2 hours of your business’s life).

Here’s A Taste Of What You Can Expect To Discover…

• 52 ways to create products your prospects can’t resist.

• How to sell a $15,000 product as easily as you sell $29 products now.

• Why 97% of all new businesses fail – and how to make darned sure yours DOESN’T.

• How to turn ice-cold prospects into red-hot buyers.

• More money … less work … better customers … zero stress.

• This one, simple change in your work environment can instantly boost your productivity by HALF.

• And Much, Much More! (for the full list click here)

If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re sold on the idea of tapping into one of the best business brains of the planet. Well a famous saying in business is that “you get what you pay for” and this most definitely the case with Rich. The price tag of $4997 is considered high ticket by some, but frankly for the Business Acceleration Program it’s absurdly low. If you’re serious about transforming your business it’s the real deal.

In short, click here to grab your copy now!Click here to reserve your seat now

Grab Your Copy Now

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